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     Hunting is a sport that hunts animals such as deer, moose, bear, elk, caribou, birds such as rough grouse, Canadian geese, mallard ducks, wood duck, rabbit, wild turkey and waterfowl. There are also hunters that hunt for fox, wolf, beaver as well as squirrels, cats and wild hogs. Your equipment you use for hunting can easily vary depending on your prey.

     Though animal rights activists make it their career to support the rights of our animals, hunters pay tens of billions of dollars toward the economy per year. Men and women who hunt support approximately 600,000 jobs and pay billions of dollars in taxes and costs of wildlife preservation. Hunters contribute this money while purchasing hunting supplies and sports equipment, or renting hotels during their hunting trips, purchasing licenses and permits, paying taxes on certain hunting equipment and many donate to wildlife organizations. Wildlife officials actually claim that hunting is a critical part of wildlife management while money traveling in the circles of hunting is used to create wildlife areas.

     It is incredible to think of the numbers that apply to hunters and the sport. Hunters spend approximately $21 Billion a year in retail sales for hunting equipment and hunters' total economic contribution is over $65 Billion a year. Hunters pay a couple billion in federal taxes, which does not include the state of province tax.

     Animal rights activists usually cause a nuisance to hunters but sometimes their missions create additional costs for everyone. More problems can arise even though they are supporting a wonderful cause. If activists are successful, changes are made in the way things are handled in the food and meat industry. Often, this increases procedures and in retrospect, increasing the cost to businesses which increases the cost of food.