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Hunting Camouflage

     Camouflage clothing is designed to blends into the forest that a hunter is targeting his prey. It is an alternative to using a blind but it is a safety issue. There have been accidental shootings among fellow hunters that could have easily been prevented if it weren't for the camouflage attire.

     It is illegal in various countries and states to wear camouflage because of the safety risks that go with it. Hunters must wear the color hunter orange. It's bright, easily identifiable and everyone can see you.

     Camouflage clothing can range from long sleeve and short sleeve shirts, hats, face masks $19, hunting pants, jackets, and hunting gloves. There are also camouflaged hunting bibs which can be likened to overalls. These are prefect for keeping a hunter concealed as well as warm when hunting waterfowl, turkey, big game and predators.

     Many hunters will use another method to camouflage themselves from their prey. They buy certain scents to kill their own human smell that animals can be sensitive to and pick up on. Some hunters take it a step further and will purchase their prey's urine such as deer, elk, or moose urine.