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Decoys & Game Calls

Decoys & Game Calls

     Decoys and games calls are used to attract the prey you are hunting. Decoys or used for a visual attraction to your prey, luring them into the hunter's area of target. Game calls are a piece of hunting equipment that works by luring your prey with a sound or call that the animal will recognize and be drawn to.

     Decoys are mainly used for duck or geese though some use for moose or dear. If all goes well, ducks or geese will see the decoys on the ground, which are often models of fellow birds. They will also hear the game call and the birds come in flocks. After hearing the call they land with the decoys and into your target range.

     Some duck calls are made of acrylic and some of delrin. Many models will offer good volume control and the objective is to try to imitate the birds. There are duck calls that offer a change in the sound with simple turns of the wrist. The sounds can vary from high to low pitched sounds and vise versa. There are also duck calls that allow a lower volume of pitch for hunting smaller water areas, fields, potholes, timber, and terrain where a high volume isn't necessary.

     Goose calls are used to make the fast clucks and moans of a goose. Some made of acrylic and some made of delrin. Some goose call allows the ability to get down and low in pitch and volume. Some have a smaller diameter shape and inlet hole. A smaller inlet hole will completely change the way the goose calls blow and they way they sound. Goose calls are incredibly loud but they can be blown at a soft pitch.

     Deer calls that are used for deer hunting are similar to like a plastic pipe. When hunting moose however, many hunters will actually use their own voice for moose calling. Here is another call that is easy to make yourself. You can drill a hole in the bottom of heinz can and pull a wet string through. This vibrates the call can be heard for roughly a kilometer in a high rise area.

     An interesting call that hunters use for attracting deer is one they use during mating season. A hunter can bang together a pair of antlers. The call that is created will resemble the sound of two animals fighting which attracts the male deer most often but sometimes it attracts females as well.

     There is a call made for just about every type of animal that is hunted but we focused a select few of the main calls that are used in hunting. Calls are made for predators like Coyotes, Fox, Bobcats, Raccoons, Mountain Lions and other wild game animals such as Turkey.