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Hunting Knives

     Hunting knives have numerous designs and some will pay quite a bit of money on a custom designed knife. However, any strong, regular knife with a blade of 4-5 inches long will suffice. You simply need a knife that will pierce the skin of the animal. Some people use Swiss Army pocket knives with combination tools but you need strength in you knife as well as depth to cut for larger animals.

     Many hunters like the more decorative specialty knives and different manufacturers will have different names. You can even purchase custom hunting knives for your preferred animal of hunt. Knives can have beautifully carved handles and stainless steel blades are known for their strength. Quality hunting equipment in terms of knives will be able to withstand the pressure of cutting and maintain the precision of skinning.

     The Buck knife is a general hunting knife that has a handle with solid wood. These also come with a sheath to protect the blade when it's not in use. Buck also makes knives with a lock blade which is a folding knife.

     The gut hook knife is specifically designed for skinning and some hunters carry a small hatchet which they use to chop the bones to transportable size.