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New Hunting Equipment

     New hunting equipment can get fairly costly but for hunting enthusiasts, it is well worth the investment. Hunting knives can start at $30 or so and range to as high as $200. Some hunters like to use a simple knife that is effective whiles others like to use an elaborate knife that is hand crafted and decorative.

     Blinds have quite a range in price depending on the style you are looking for. Hunting blinds can start at roughly $129 and some can be found for as high as $700. There are also blind accessories you can purchase such as travel and storage cases which can be found for $70 or so. Quack grass is about $40 and is perfects for camouflaging ground blinds, pit covers, boat blinds. Quick covers are also a great accessory.

     Camouflage clothing is fairly reasonable in pricing. Shirts and short sleeve shirts can start at about $38. Hats begin at about $12 and face masks start at $19. Hunting pants cost roughly $39 and jackets start at about $49. Hunting gloves can also be purchased in camouflage which you will need for long, chillier days. You should be able to find a decent pair for about $30 - $40 but can increase to $80. Cover scents can be found in the range of $5 - $10.

     Game calls have a wide range in cost. Calls can start at just $7.99. Many types of calls can be purchased for $20 or under while some can be found in the range of $30 - $60. Calls can increase in price however to over $100. Decoys will have a range in price as well but they can begin at about $40.

     Firearms will be your most expensive cost in terms of equipment. Rifles can range from $600-$1800. Handguns will range anywhere from - $260 - $550 and shotguns can be purchased in the range of $700 - $1300.