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Used Hunting Equipment

     Used hunting equipment is an excellent alternative to purchasing new. Often hunters will use their equipment for one or two hunting seasons before placing their gear up for sale. Online sales sites, classifieds or your local community sales paper are simple and informative methods of finding used equipment for sale.

     Hunting knives are not always expensive but you can find a great deal on a used knife. Some knives such as ones that are hand crafted are fairly costly if purchasing new, but if it is sold used there could be quite a discount. You may want to have your used knife sharpened just to ensure the blade is in excellent working order.

     Blinds can be purchased for as high as $700 if they are purchased new. Second hand blinds and accessories offer a buyer a discount on equipment he or she may not have otherwise afforded. Just be sure to check that there are no tears in the materials or malfunctions in any sort of attachments. If there is padded flooring or head or gun rests that the padding is in good condition.

     Camouflage clothing reasonably priced to begin with but some may want to look into purchasing used hunting attire. Shirts, short sleeve shirts, hats, face masks, hunting pants, jackets and hunting gloves are all items of camouflage clothing that you can find up for sale. As we mentioned, often hunters will only use or wear their equipment or clothing for a couple seasons before wanting to upgrade their equipment.

     Game calls and decoys can also be bought used. As long as they are in good working order without any malfunction or damage, second hand decoys and game calls can certainly be purchased second hand.

     Firearms are an item of equipment that will be your most expensive cost. A great deal of money can be saved if purchasing a gun that is previously owned. Rifles, handguns and shotguns can be purchased in the range of $700 - $1300 when bought new, so take a look into used options if this price range is out of your budget.

     Some countries such as Canada require an FAC which stands for Firearms Acquisition Certificate. Your shells and ammunition have to be in a safe and stored separately from the weapon itself. Also required is some areas is a gun registry card which you should always keep with you when hunting.